Beat the Top.

ADELE! The video for Adele’s new smash-hit song”Hello” is in black and white but in all direction, she’s always looking gorgeous and sparky. It’s reality with the fascinating talent of Adele. Girls it’s believable that the fashion style of Adele is outstanding.      A young girl whose Dream it’s for her first name to beContinue reading “Beat the Top.”

Feel it ; love it.

Wondering what this is? A cake designed by popular Chanel, isnt it yummy and lovely.҉٩(*´︶`*)۶҉ Shoes describes what class you’re in and gives you a sense of  style. Rings is always a symbol of genie  togetherness or love like. It can be a bracelet or an armlet but either of them is stylish. Keep toContinue reading “Feel it ; love it.”

Top ten best Korean drama{TTBK}

Top ten best Korean drama series 1) boys before flowers 2) city hunter 3) youre beautiful 4) faith 5) heartstrings I bet you to watch these Korean drama and you would enjoy them to the extent that you can’t get off your chair,bed or even your home studio. Then the top 5-10 Is interesting andContinue reading “Top ten best Korean drama{TTBK}”


The zodiac sign is derived from our personality, traits etc. it is written by the ancient china that helps you predict your day – day activities. Some take it as fortune telling whilst some seems to have a disbelief in it but it does speak the truth.        The zodiac sign would tell you yourContinue reading “YOUR ZODAIC SIGN AND YOY”


Life is a free wheel; like a steering wheel that leads to journey of destruction or happiness. It reaches to a destination that enables through the crooked and narrow way until you reach to your final bus stop but before then you would undergo a lot of ups and down which knowing about the factsContinue reading “BITS AND TIPS OF LIFE”