To me, I believe two outstanding things we really want to get enlightened more on, could either be to know our purpose here on earth or life after earth. But it all matters to your own life. Life is a free gift not withstanding it can be taken any time regardless of what and who you are, and most especially your influence in every aspect. It can be seen as a long meter race that covers from a long roll way up-down which requires strength, persistence, courage, patience and other attributes until you get to the top—which is the finish line. Some people see it as a pilgrimage journey, but in all aspect, life on its own is not a simple ‘word’. This is because it takes a whole lot to survive and breathe each day. Do you ever think and ask yourself how it will feel, to see life simple and enjoyable at all time? It will require the following:
1. patience and persistence
It may look like a very big issue, to endure, but one thing I have come to realize, is that it takes patience and persistence to wear your crown, in the sense of evolving ideas and putting them into practice whereas others still dream. Like a popular phrase says,”work whilst others are dreaming, and in all it requires both virtue because patient and persistence will give you a balance crown= success.”
2. discipline and principle life
Putting principles first in all ramifications of life creates discipline at all your endeavors because it makes you have a line of limit to several activities you might undergo in life.
They are many attributes like ignorance to bad attitude of people and most especially, ‘time’. These four key words plays a big role in all our doings—we either work ahead of it or behind schedule. So make good use of it.
3. Avoid swimming in the shallow water of mediocrity
Its quiet an act for people to set standard which they have lived and haven’t overcome or stepped forward from. Its not balance for one to be a mediocre although he/she can at least stand for something because when you set standard, you try and grow from the previous one and step more further to a greater set of standard. This creates a better livelihood and specialization.
it is said that the sky is your limit’’ but I know that you can do more better than it being your limit but instead lets make it our starting point which would lead us farther than the sky.

Published by Ewonderhub

The future is designed coz I may be the next big thing. I'm a jovial and unique person in my own kind of way. Very creative and idealistic...coz am Favour C George.

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