Life is a free wheel; like a steering wheel that leads to journey of destruction or happiness. It reaches to a destination that enables through the crooked and narrow way until you reach to your final bus stop but before then you would undergo a lot of ups and down which knowing about the facts of life would be your saving tool until you over come the stages of life. They are as follows-
1. Life is a challenge – make it
Don’t runaway from problems and situation, face and conquer them.
2. Life is a gift – accept it
Don’t hate your circumstances to the extent you hate the world, earth, self, and life. So don’t live a lifeless world but make it a meaningful one.
3. Life is an opportunity – grab it
Opportunities come once not twice, so don’t loose any chances of opportunities because they change your life for good, many are dead but you are still existing and breathing.
4. Life is a journey – complete it
The races and meters before you reach your destination is far to the amount of speed one would live and end his existence(death)so use this chance of traveling to explore the world and complete all achievements.
5. Life is a game – play it
Gamble, kick, hit, throw, push; just play it to your own taste but remember winning or loosing is part of games but if you are to loose, loose in an honored way.
6. Life is music – dance it
Move to the beat of your tunes in life, dance to sadness because it brings upliftments, play the tune of your heart until you are satisfied of playing because every situation has its own music.
7. Life is real – face it
The reality of life surfaces in the beauty of faces and people, be real to face all scenarios of life.
8. Life is miserable – bear it
The journeys of life can bring you sorrow and cause fall apart but in all stand up, stay strong and fight for what’s right until you get success at the peak of your hand.
9. Life is precious – handle it with care
Don’t play with life because its like a glass that can easily slip throw your hand and fall without an unrepairable solution, so there I urge you to handle it with your loving care.
10. Life is love – enjoy it
Don’t be scared to open your heart to the real thing which is love! Have time with your family, friends and partners because life doesn’t stay long it can be taken suddenly therefore enjoy it while it last like a phrase “love as if there is no tomorrow”.
Do all it takes to make your life a worthy one to remember and emulate with no regrets but remember there is time for everything.

Published by Ewonderhub

The future is designed coz I may be the next big thing. I'm a jovial and unique person in my own kind of way. Very creative and idealistic...coz am Favour C George.

6 thoughts on “BITS AND TIPS OF LIFE

  1. I really enjoyed this, it was very succinctly put. I especially enjoy “Life is music-dance it”, how you described dancing to your own beat, and the upbeat and downbeats it hands you. Embrace all the rhythms that come our way is important- and a fun message you’ve said. 🙂


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