The zodiac sign is derived from our personality, traits etc. it is written by the ancient china that helps you predict your day – day activities. Some take it as fortune telling whilst some seems to have a disbelief in it but it does speak the truth.
       The zodiac sign would tell you your sign, birthstone (meaning), symbol, planet, flower, profile about your traits regarding to your month. 
Zodiac sign
Mar 21-April 20
Aries- fiery first sign
Symbol-the ram
Birthstone-diamond (innocence).
They are very active, makes noise where ever they are, tend to press forewords.
Flower – snowdrop
Birthstone – garment (constancy)
April 21 – may 21

Taurus – earthly second symbol
Symbol – the bull
Planet – Venus
Birthstone – emerald (happiness).
Intelligent, clever, shy, easily angered,  stubborn, sharp, romantic within.
Flower – primrose
Birthstone – amethyst (sincerity)
May 22 – June 21
Gemini – airy third sign
Symbol – the twins
Planet – mercury
Birthstone – agate

Secretive,  trustworthy,  generous,  moody, musically talented.
Flower – daffodil
Birthstone – aquamarine (courage)
June 22 – July 22

Cancer – watery fourth sign
Symbol – crab, moon
Birthstone – moonstone, pearl (purity)
Planet – the moon
Loves attention,  dynamic,  attractive, fearless, easily angered.
Flower – daisy
Birthstone – diamond (innocence)
July 23 – august 23

Leo – fiery & fixed fifth sign
Symbol – the sun, lion
Planet – the sun
Birthstone – sardony
Subbing, strong, happy.
Flower – hawthorn
Birthstone – emerald (happiness)
August 24 – September 22

Virgo – earthly & adaptive sixth sign
Symbol – fertility
Planet – mercury
Birthstone – sapphire (clear thinking)
Thinks fast, polite, secretive, sensitive.
Flower – rose
Birthstone – pearl (purity)
September 23 – 0ctober 23

Libra – airy sociable seventh sign
Symbol – the scales
Planet – Venus
Birthstone – opal (hope)
High spirited, loves art, hard working.
Flower – larkspur
Birthstone – ruby (friendship)
October 24 – November 22

Scorpio – watery eight sign
Symbol – the scorpion
Planet – mars
Birthstone – topaz (fidelity)
Love traveling, sympathic, caring, solves problems above them.
Flower – poppy
Birthstone – period (fidelity)
November 23 – December
Sagittarius – fiery, adaptive, ninth sign
Symbol – the archer
Planet Jupiter
Birthstone – Turquoise (prosperity)
Flower – morning glory
Birthstone – sapphire (clear thinking)
December 24 – January 20

Capricorn – earthly tenth sign
Symbol – the goat
Planet – Saturn
Birthstone – garnet (constancy)
Flower – calendula
Birthstone – opal (hope)
January 21 – February 18

Aquarius – Airy, stubborn, eleventh sign
Symbol – water, carrier
Planet – Uranus
Birthstone – amethyst (sincerity)
Flower – chrysanthemum
Birthstone – topaz (fidelity)
February 19 – March 20

Pisces – Watery, compromising, twelfth sign
Symbol – two fish
Planet – Neptune
Birthstone – bloodstone
Flower – holly
Birthstone – turquoise lapis (prosperity)



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