The Queen is you.


Every woman is a Queen;
I could remember those days during my senior high, when you make mistakes in school, learn from them and press forward ….then when fun events do happen like the teens variety, Christmas or summer party, Theatre day and so many more, the ladies would prepare for the event. Then when the time for the senior high students to graduate during their prom nights and that same night the fashion icons in school would display the best and worst dress ever; so for that the males and females would put in their best to switch styles and be the queen and king of that night. So whatsoever queen you would want to be, you need a help to be the best queen that you can ever be.
Little tips for that
1. If you would love to dance a waltz on that night, I think you would then have to wear a ball gown to be like a Disney princess.
2. To look like an expensive queen, I request you wear a chiffon long gown(red).
3. To look simple but cute and lovely, then wear a pink floral short gown with high heels.


You’re not only a Queen due to the prom night but you can be a queen all your days even without events. All you just have to do is pull out a style that Diverse your attitude and feminist at your place of work, house, clubs, recreational places etc.


Remember what so ever look you would want to express, make sure you make it glamorous .
Be the queen that you are and stay beautiful and healthy.
Love, Ewonderhub.
Quote era demonstradum.

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The future is designed coz I may be the next big thing. I'm a jovial and unique person in my own kind of way. Very creative and idealistic...coz am Favour C George.

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