Stylish competitions.


Our pop stars are always good in their every day movie acting, music career, advertising campaign and more. But in all their awesomeness, theirs need to check if their good in fashion! Sometimes it seems like their perfect but not all as we see it. Right from kbs{ Korea broadcasting service } To the center of Abs – cbn{ Philippine broadcasting service } Then left to the Bollywood and Hollywood stars. And with most of my observations based on few of the stars in their competition of fashion like –
     KBS            VS.           ABS-CBN
Lee min ho           Jericho Rosales
Park shin hye       Kim chiu
Park min young  Jodi sta marie


You might be thinking who styles  it most in fashion, mine is park min young. Then the next set of pictures of the celebs from Hollywood to Bollywood is –
    Hollywood    VS.     Bollywood
Jennifer Lawrence  Deepika padukone
Venessa Hudgens  –  kareena kapoor
Zac Efron.     Shahrukk Khan


Best stylish celebrity is Jennifer Lawrence. Each day, week, months, year, celebrities pull out things that seem really unique that’s why they are called stars because they blink and exhibit their shinny parts uniquely being who they are.


Be a star and shine brightly than you’re a star ( tricky ).lol find the puzzle.
Love’ ewonderhub.

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