Trendy; Fashionable couples


Enjoyable as it seems, when you see couples together sharing, caring, loving and do all things unitedly( except you’re a villain to the relationship )All other things can’t be forgone in terms of fashion because sometimes couples who stick together ; are stuck together in fashion styles. Like we’re always entice on whom a celebrity dates or is married to? Or maybe whose celebrity couple that’s gonna look the best in a red carpet event! Sometimes they say the fashion line showcases the power couples who are ready to take the risk on the red carpet….. Or maybe it goes likes this… “ the power couples who are stuck together adopt the same manner of dress ”… And here’s a fresh look down on some of the beautiful celebrity couples in stylish fashion line, down to one of the very best designers couples ; David and Victoria Beckham to the very Duke and duchess which are honorable handsome prince William and beautiful Kate Middleton with many more electrifying couples wearing matching designs….


That’s really the couples spirit that comes out of doing things together happily… Now for the trendy and most popular couple Ts or dresses are –


For the last message to all and moreover ; couples, it’s a special gift from special someone to me and all other couples ( saying )
“let me start from here, I asked God to give me a friend and he gave me you , so I asked why you? And he said ; I thought you wanted the best.. I tried writing your name in the sands but the wind washed it away, then I tried writing it in the sky but washed away by clouds ; the only choice left was to write it in my heart where it will be forever. That night I heard God sacrificed himself for you then I asked him why and he said because you’re beautiful, adorable and charming but I said because you are you.. Hmm really touched! (crying) lol
Love ‘ ewonderhub.

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The future is designed coz I may be the next big thing. I'm a jovial and unique person in my own kind of way. Very creative and idealistic...coz am Favour C George.

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