Monthly fab celebs…


Who says fame and public attention doesn’t draws a celebrity popularity to media houses?! Occasionally, people are always interested in who dates a celebrity, what’s trendy in the fashion line of celebs but I, I pick what’s trendy in the lifestyle of the fashion world of celebs and how well they have rocked the media from weeks to weeks to pick out the stylish celebrity of the month both in fashion and news. You might be thinking that it’s not a usual category of post on Ewonderhub but yes it’s just a beginning of New category that varies monthly on the blog. ( you can check my 100 goal appreciations note to know more about it ) As a 3 weeks month we shall be streaming down to Bollywood, Hollywood, nollywood and Koreanwood. And here’s a fresh look down on the celebs chosen for the month of April.


**** from the Hollywood is Kendall Jenner who have rang bells both in fashion exhibition at coachella and trendy news of outfit at the birthday party of Gigi hadid.
**** from the Bollywood is the echoing rumors of kareena kapoors pregnancy with saif Ali Khan but neither the less, she’s gorgeous in her past events this month…
*** from the nollywood is Meg otanwas story of freshly started life of entertainment in African movie making ( Nigeria ) and her stylish photo on every day looks.
*** from the Koreanwood is the reigning actor & actress both from Korea who’s trendy in their love story which on 8th April 2016 announced that their getting married on 21st May instead they intend on shifting the wedding in other to donate money to the pediatric ward of severance hospital where they first met while working together in 2015 kbs2 drama series BLOOD.
         And now for the stylish and echoing celebrity or maybe celebrities of the month is Ahn jae hyun and ku hye sun of Koreanwood. Which upwardly will be titled Stylish celebrity couples of the month.


That’s the fun of love and being a star… 
Always remember to stay beautiful and healthy
Love’ ewonderhub.

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