Ewonderhubs celeb of the month (2)


“ We always try to get there ”, we always try to be the star.. But it all comes with a price ; let alone, the bigger the price the bigger the fame and popularity of becoming a celebrity. Being a Celebrity starts from where your talent portrays you, where your fingers are destined to be, what area of your life you give your heart and time to?, with all these and many more statements if done better then that’s where the birth of being a celebrity starts to occur….
      Celebrities are not only in the movie industry but we can get them in the music industry, arts industry, fashion and many more. So the celebrity / (ies) of the month for May 2016 ( last month ) is gonna be streamed down from the #MUSICS INDUSTRIES# and all because it’s a 5 weeks month therefore we’re gonna go all the way from the Hollywood musics, Bollywood, Nollywood, Koreanwood ,and lastly philiwood musics…..To get the celebrity of the month, we’re gonna access their influence in social media, latest gossips, their fashion and latest best music. So here’s a fresh look down on the celebs chosen for the month of May

Carrie Underwood the American elite star and baby mama chosen from the Hollywoods has gone way up popular in social media with the blast of her facebook followers reaching up to and over a million fans; with the fastest gossip about her body and mind blowing skin tonic legs of hers. Such a fascinating music lately made, titled church bells and her featured music with Keith Urban  titled fighter.
Arijit Singh the all Indian playback singer is spotted for the Bollywoods  as a popular celebrity in the social media banging on twitter with a 100k+ followers and blasting the ears of fans with gossip about his contest “Arijit Singh vs Salman Khan”. Even  though he got the voice he also got the looks…
Korede bello with the celebrity blast  of fame and fast growing Fan followers he call “ bellovers ” like the American belibers of Justin Bieber. He has made a rise to gossip with his Co-record sweetheart “ Di ja ” is another musician from Nigerian. Who cares “ I love his cute fashion ”. With a drop of his new single MUNGO PARK.
IU!! Name sounds and looks awkward but it’s really her stage name «IU» she’s one of my best cast from the Korean drama “Dream high ”. Her wild gossip about Thomas Bryant being eager to be her leader.. And her new single ATREIA.
Sarah Geronimo the Philippine goddess of music being a pride to the nation of reaching a bang in social media of +133k followers with the latest gossip about her and Matteo guidicelli settling down # winks #but not withstanding her edgy body and latest hit MINAMAHAl.




   Detailed facts about the celebs and now for the chosen Ewonderhub celebrity of the month may 2016 …..is (drums beating)  – CARRIE UNDERWOOD….. The baby mama from America (Hollyw


ood )

That’s all for the month may on Ewonderhubs celebrity of the month. So so sorry for posting late on this monthly post. Stick around for this months  celebs either from sports, fashion or arts.
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Stay beautiful and healthy, love ewonderhub.


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11 thoughts on “Ewonderhubs celeb of the month (2)

    1. Thanks Robert. Seriously, the woods are out numbered. But at least the top five of them are in rank to bring out the best. Glad you loved it coz its a monthly countdown in celebdom. Please if you can 🙂 …..Could you tip me on which category to use for this month ( either from fashion industry, sports, arts, or maybe any suggested categories from you ) could help.

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      1. Scenes hmm, guess that’s a nice idea come to think about it. I would have to do the thinking and comparing of the musical scenes from countries or woods. Let me go for it, for the upper month July coz no time to do the research, the month is already over.. Remaining 1 day to go and there goes a post from me on ewonderhub for the celebdom. So grateful for the support of ideas. You’re the best.

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      2. No prob. Thanks so much, you’re such a great pal. Don’t forget to ask me of anything when you’re in need of advice or something. Have a wonderful day ahead in the outside world and world of blogosphere.

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