Fashion World of Jeans.



  Typically the body adheres to the garment we put on.. Which determines the style of taste of the fabric. Due to the springy weather wearing a jean leggings topped up with raincoat and a pair of boots; its a match up to it or maybe go with a slizzy pair of trousers ( jeans ). The world is a free globe to design your own life into outfits of different kinds like taking a stroll into the world of jeans. Originally, jeans are designed for cowboys and miners. They became popular in the 1950s among teenagers and a common fashion item in the 1990s. It is designed in various forms including skinny, tapered, slim, straight, boot cut, cigarette bottom, narrow, bell, low-waist, anti-fit and flare. In other fashion line Jean as well has the same specie with the straight long “ jaggings ”…fashion designers worked with the best denim mills to create cutting edge denim that takes jeans to the next level. Jeans never bag out, it flexes with all your movements for day to night comfort but not withstanding that it’s incredible when washing ( kind of thicky hard wash ) so let’s be fair by streaming down photos of latest fashion designers look of jeans on the runway


It’s said that every given fabric has its own way of styling it, therefore the all soft and comfortable jeans also has different styles and designs of various ways one can put it on for a lucky day.
—All jeans top and trousers
—crop top and jaggings
—skinny jeans with shirts
     And many more styles you can make out of a pair of jeans. Did I say jeans is only made for the ladies? Absolutely big NO it’s a unisexual outfit that goes with expression, glamour  modesty and simplicity. So let’s take a sneak peek on the global jeans made for


J. E. A. N. ( Just Everything As Nacarat ) pick up a pair of jean and style it to your sophistication. OR maybe give me more styling ways in the #comment  box# and let’s chat….
Stay beautiful and healthy…
Love, ewonderhub.

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The future is designed coz I may be the next big thing. I'm a jovial and unique person in my own kind of way. Very creative and idealistic...coz am Favour C George.

16 thoughts on “Fashion World of Jeans.

  1. Great Blog, You might like this from my book 365 Ways to Power Up Your Life , 365 Ways to POWER UP YOUR LIFE

    The Spirit  Jeans
    Girl, there is nothing as comfortable or holy than a good pair
    of jeans — jeans that fit around your bottom in the most
    loving, lovely places.
    There is a pair of jeans out there for each of us; I do not care
    what age we are, what size we are. When we put on jeans, we
    feel young, alive and together.
    Wear a pair of your favourite jeans today. If they do not fit, go
    buy another pair; the old ones will fit someone else.
    Just be you in the best-fitting jeans,
    made for your goddess body.
    Just for today…
    … let the Spirit of the Everyday Wisdom of
    Denim have you.

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    1. Wow wow wow… Speechless! Love the right up… Such a great author you are….Love your type of person. Sure to check out your blog and get more of your prolific books and write ups. Thanks again #LILLY WHITE#


  2. Hi Ewonderhub, thanks so much for like my recent post on Change…it bought me to your page with this helpful information on Jeans! The trickiest item to purchase. I especially like the history and description of the very many styles. My only advice is if you want skinny leg fitted Jeans buy them when they feel too small as they always stretch, many a baggy jean lives in my wardrobe…Thanks!

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    1. Thanks dear, wow your advice was really good.. Couldn’t figure out to add it to the post.. But am glad you shared your own view on jeans.. Glad we’re getting along in the world of blogospher…


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