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Multi-colour and personality


   Some say it’s awesome mixing colours of different angles; bringing the cute colour (blue ) to the elegant one (red) which results to different perspective but the fashion police in some countries says it’s “colour riot” due to the multiple colours in the outfit while other fashion police says “it brings the picture in you more ”but in all I conclude as a fashion blogger with these statements that “taking up the hint of different colours in an outfit makes it a perfectly outstanding one to be.
   Lets look at Top designers good at mixing colours to get a fabulous make and those dresses are being showcased on the runway like dolce and gabbana, Alexander McQueen, coco Chanel, Donatella, Dior and many others. These great designers  mixes colours which in sense is “playing with colours”.


    5 tips for multi colour dresses
I. Don’t delegate it
2. wear a style of dress colours that makes you feel like you.
3. Highlight your fabric with accessories.
4. Be modernist to fit in any given outfit.
5. Colours detail personality, so pull out a charisma and lean good. 


   Appear unique and create your own fashion sense this coming season and always pull out more each day.
    Stay beautiful and healthy.

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