Imagination spurs creativity


     Life is all about creation,
Sometimes these garments we do wear is from the designs in some certain cartoons, non fictional movies through computer and many other aspects.
   Fashion designs can be made for a certain show just to catch the eyes of the viewers but at times these designs can be made real to fabric or garment. lets take an instance; barbie which is well known to people for their intensive designs in different types of series in Barbie which they exhibit fashion, Example – fashion fairytale or even princess charm school with many others but to mention just a few. There are different styles of design that inspires fashion designers to  create a like – image of the ones they see. It might look like i know about Barbie but am really a fan of it. Most fashion designers that are into ball gowns or long gowns have made it through the help of cartoonist that draw dresses for a given character in the cartoon that seems unreal but instead the fashion designers would make it look real. To mention it, there wasn’t anything like glass shoe before the making of Cinderella but now there’s one like that, there are many more than you can tell and with that I have created some of my designs through inspiration from Barbie.


Be creative like a cartoonists And even more like a fashion designer because creativity does all tricks and promotes humanity. Designers have created garments from Barbie fashion and which they have introduced in the runway show.


Be creative and enjoy the works of art.

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The future is designed coz I may be the next big thing. I'm a jovial and unique person in my own kind of way. Very creative and idealistic...coz am Favour C George.

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