The Journey

Sometimes life just don’t give you what u want…..

…..What you expect is not what you get

And what you get is not what you deserved…..

Then you push too hard that you get broken at the end.

______Life is a journey_____

it is true that optimist or positive thinkers are at an advantage in life compared to pessimist…this is because of the effect of your mindset and attitude have on everything we come across.. Our social relationships, jobs, health are an integral part our daily life and we can feel how negative and positive thoughts can have a domino effect on everything we do during the day.

The way we choose to think positive or negative has a great impact on The Final outcome and is mirrored in everything we do. Hence the importance of having a balanced outlook on life.

The summer holidays are on, we go on VAC, we re-think, re-try, re-do, and re-propose what we wanted for The year 2019. And the year is half ended, our goals/dreams are halfway done and it’s either lite has been giving us the fair-way Or hard-way drive But in any case

___Life don’t Give; it Repels_____

It’s a 1:1 Ratio. We all have Dreams and skills, but tools are needed to help build them. Sometimes though it becomes unfair that Tools you need for advancement Is what others have which they barely know the worth neither do they Use to build themselves up. We just have to work on what we have no matter what.

______Family is life______

That moment when things are like a blank page, we try to think, re-verse ourselves to how we all started, what made us choose that path, the inspiration and motivation behind it. And it’s all centered to family. They build us up. Recalling is an important part to make you have that mind of never letting anyone change you, less to develop and enhance you more. (Remember who you are) Stick to your principles, beliefs, trust me…it keeps one going.

___Every Journey is a competition___

We all walk towards a road with our own Means of transportation, On the same speed Lane, sometimes overtaking occurs but eventually we still get there. So life becomes a competition in gradual process. It just matters on our determination, perseverance, focus and prayers.

_____And eventually life becomes a challenge____

It draws out your previous self which you’re to outshine with your present self. You there by challenge your present self everyday, creating innovation,Working on your skills just to be better than the person you were in the past years.

(Self construction, Goal constraction, Mentorship uplifting)

______Life are plugins______

Friends, groups are what makes life become experiences everyday. In those experiences, Never let them walk over you, decipher your being, disconnect you from your goals / principles.

At some point we push too Hard to connect, we get selfless, in-twins our forever Life goals with them and unfortunately still get shocked at the end.

Remember, doing things you love attracts people who love those things you do, But doing those things they love, draws them faster to you But when you stop doing them they finally Leave. ( Life Secrets )

Limit your time to things you love, work on them cause

_______Life is You______

It’s suppose to be about that tagline (Me, Myself, and I)

Let life flow through your inner look, appearance, what makes you beautiful, things you love doing and let people know that this is you.

If you’re not comfortable with what you do, a result can’t come out of it.

<<<<<Half of the year still waits for you to change or keep going >>>>>


Love, George Favour.

Published by Ewonderhub

The future is designed coz I may be the next big thing. I'm a jovial and unique person in my own kind of way. Very creative and idealistic...coz am Favour C George.

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