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Exquisite Transition

Somehow, we all just love to see through things. The globe just keeps getting Exquisite. Our body parts just keeps getting edgy In styles. Vintage keeps turning to coutoure and it has turned fashion as an artwork in All way round. Turning an everyday 90s nets to a 20th century see through designs called lace. Lace has taken a whole new level designs into haute couture, ready to wear And combos with chiffon, Indian George and Even Africas all unique Ankara. Lace is That fabric which virtually any fashionist will look absolutely gorgeous because it’s a webLike pattern made by machine or by hand. A few modern artist makes lace With a fine copper or silver wire instead of thread. The above pic depicts the different designs laces are made.

Nothing is un-fashioned And the beauty of a dress is the fabric that is used. Lace has gone global in working as a whole haute coutore Design and as combos with other fabric. Apparently brands That work on ‘Ready to wear’ Uses lace as an added advantage for different and unique designs to shirts, trousers, skirts, gown, Indian George, Ankara, jean etc.

Fashion glamour is taking in boys and Girls For a one-like fashion line. Lace are not only for the ladies to work on or slay on it. The guys can design Their own specific taste like trouser, shirts or shorts. Then the ladies can work on their elegance by designing it in their own perfection like jumpsuits, shorts, skirts, gowns, indies and whole lot more.

Lace represents culture, beauty, atmosphere, style and preference. Your body shape would definitely fall into place when you have a lace fabric on you.

Lace up your style

Lace up your life

Lace up your dream

And rule your world.

Happy blogoversary to Ewonderhub

Happy birthday to Favour c George

Love’ Ewonderhub


Fashion Evolution


   It’s known that Beauty doesn’t only come from one place but instead several places. There also fashion extends and has grown overtime and beyond the globe. The world is global in fashion, so with that am travelling down to Africa, a place where the beauty derives from the inside. Where one sees the old existence of beauty still living within the people. Africa’s  beauty has stood a taste of time both in fashion and otherwise. Their designers has stood out globally which they make use of a fabric instead of chiffon or haute couture materials whichs known as ANKARA. Its not only a fabric for dresses but it can be designed to your own specialty of Accessories like bags, shoes, bracelets, earrings etc. THROUGH THE👆ABOVE PIC
   Even the foreign celebrities has engraved a feeling to try these stylish fashion material 😱😱 and step into the Ankara world. Like Nicki, Rhianna, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and even Michelle Obama etc.


Ankara styles has brought a New look to the world. It curated the best of seasons unique styles for everyone both male and female. These fashion is loved by most people of different ages and body shapes. These reason people wear them to occasions for greater uniformity and perfectly fits many daily activities. A fashionist would certainly know it’s a good fashion to jump into. Ankara can be styled in different ways>>>>>
>for the Queens Rock it with a queeny gorgeous long gown.
>for the Princess world it’s perfectly fine with just a fairytale short gown or a jump suit.
>for the Slay mama’s knock it off in crop top with trousers or shorts.
Then for the Guys>> you are perfectly handsome with any wearable, either top with trousers, shorts, or even suit… Anything would fit just design it to your own specialty.


Ankara is accepted as the most gorgeous African design. Do not just select any fabric.. Go for Ankara designs because they are simply the must – have collection.
#Be a fashionista _ Rock Ankara
Stay beautiful and healthy,
Love, Ewonderhub.
It’s good to be back.


Impressive styles for stars


It’s well known that fashion has different and lots of style to pick from and then you can be the celebrity with the best dressed. Fashion brings changes which i discussed in my previous post change is fashion. The last event which was the Golden globes was quite a wonderful showcase in styles from different celebrities both from the movie and music industry like J-lo, Taylor, Wiz etc. Then the present event that happened recently is the Grammy Awards where I enjoyed and loved the improvement of the celebrities in their impressive style of fashion where Taylor Swift wore a pink high – waisted skirt and a crop top also don’t forget that it was quite a lucky day for her winning 3 Awards, congrats Taylor!!. Then lady Gaga wore a Marc Jacobs space inspired coat while Elle Goulding was electrifying on the red carpet.


The red carpet show was quite a wonderful one but somehow I did enjoy the Grammy more than the Golden globes in the outstanding styles, looks, attitude, gestures, and most especially Awards. As it is a well known thing that stars are always the ones that appear late. The fashion that the celebrities pulled out in the Golden globe improved a lot in the Grammy’s. As a fashion blogger I’ve checked and analyzed my best Top 2 dressed in the red carpet show from the Golden globes to the Grammy’s.


Celebrities always show they are stars by creating and dressing uniquely. Learn and do more than them, be a star of your own.
I’ll still feed you more happenings on the red carpet but remember stay beautiful and healthy.
Love Ewonderhub.

The Queen is you.


Every woman is a Queen;
I could remember those days during my senior high, when you make mistakes in school, learn from them and press forward ….then when fun events do happen like the teens variety, Christmas or summer party, Theatre day and so many more, the ladies would prepare for the event. Then when the time for the senior high students to graduate during their prom nights and that same night the fashion icons in school would display the best and worst dress ever; so for that the males and females would put in their best to switch styles and be the queen and king of that night. So whatsoever queen you would want to be, you need a help to be the best queen that you can ever be.
Little tips for that
1. If you would love to dance a waltz on that night, I think you would then have to wear a ball gown to be like a Disney princess.
2. To look like an expensive queen, I request you wear a chiffon long gown(red).
3. To look simple but cute and lovely, then wear a pink floral short gown with high heels.


You’re not only a Queen due to the prom night but you can be a queen all your days even without events. All you just have to do is pull out a style that Diverse your attitude and feminist at your place of work, house, clubs, recreational places etc.


Remember what so ever look you would want to express, make sure you make it glamorous .
Be the queen that you are and stay beautiful and healthy.
Love, Ewonderhub.
Quote era demonstradum.

Glow for Christmas (GFC)


Christmas is closer than we think because it’s already here. I can feel the spirit of Christmas everywhere; singing Christmas carols in unison, decorations and preparations, embarking on holiday to celebrate it and most especially entrance of a new month ”December” where all things seems to happen.
      Some say “these Christmas would be more enjoyable if it’s snowy” while others tend to enjoy without thinking that way round. 
       Many would go on outings with families and friends, do some activities like swimming, climbing, playing, going on concerts or even parties but in any way you celebrate this Christmas, make sure it becomes an unforgettable and loving one with completing this season with new brands of X-MASS dresses-


But remember every adventure has a dressing code so;
Stay fit
Stay healthy, beautiful and
Glow for Christmas in advance.




The zodiac sign is derived from our personality, traits etc. it is written by the ancient china that helps you predict your day – day activities. Some take it as fortune telling whilst some seems to have a disbelief in it but it does speak the truth.
       The zodiac sign would tell you your sign, birthstone (meaning), symbol, planet, flower, profile about your traits regarding to your month. 
Zodiac sign
Mar 21-April 20
Aries- fiery first sign
Symbol-the ram
Birthstone-diamond (innocence).
They are very active, makes noise where ever they are, tend to press forewords.
Flower – snowdrop
Birthstone – garment (constancy)
April 21 – may 21

Taurus – earthly second symbol
Symbol – the bull
Planet – Venus
Birthstone – emerald (happiness).
Intelligent, clever, shy, easily angered,  stubborn, sharp, romantic within.
Flower – primrose
Birthstone – amethyst (sincerity)
May 22 – June 21
Gemini – airy third sign
Symbol – the twins
Planet – mercury
Birthstone – agate

Secretive,  trustworthy,  generous,  moody, musically talented.
Flower – daffodil
Birthstone – aquamarine (courage)
June 22 – July 22

Cancer – watery fourth sign
Symbol – crab, moon
Birthstone – moonstone, pearl (purity)
Planet – the moon
Loves attention,  dynamic,  attractive, fearless, easily angered.
Flower – daisy
Birthstone – diamond (innocence)
July 23 – august 23

Leo – fiery & fixed fifth sign
Symbol – the sun, lion
Planet – the sun
Birthstone – sardony
Subbing, strong, happy.
Flower – hawthorn
Birthstone – emerald (happiness)
August 24 – September 22

Virgo – earthly & adaptive sixth sign
Symbol – fertility
Planet – mercury
Birthstone – sapphire (clear thinking)
Thinks fast, polite, secretive, sensitive.
Flower – rose
Birthstone – pearl (purity)
September 23 – 0ctober 23

Libra – airy sociable seventh sign
Symbol – the scales
Planet – Venus
Birthstone – opal (hope)
High spirited, loves art, hard working.
Flower – larkspur
Birthstone – ruby (friendship)
October 24 – November 22

Scorpio – watery eight sign
Symbol – the scorpion
Planet – mars
Birthstone – topaz (fidelity)
Love traveling, sympathic, caring, solves problems above them.
Flower – poppy
Birthstone – period (fidelity)
November 23 – December
Sagittarius – fiery, adaptive, ninth sign
Symbol – the archer
Planet Jupiter
Birthstone – Turquoise (prosperity)
Flower – morning glory
Birthstone – sapphire (clear thinking)
December 24 – January 20

Capricorn – earthly tenth sign
Symbol – the goat
Planet – Saturn
Birthstone – garnet (constancy)
Flower – calendula
Birthstone – opal (hope)
January 21 – February 18

Aquarius – Airy, stubborn, eleventh sign
Symbol – water, carrier
Planet – Uranus
Birthstone – amethyst (sincerity)
Flower – chrysanthemum
Birthstone – topaz (fidelity)
February 19 – March 20

Pisces – Watery, compromising, twelfth sign
Symbol – two fish
Planet – Neptune
Birthstone – bloodstone
Flower – holly
Birthstone – turquoise lapis (prosperity)