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Match-up shoes for clothes.


Shoes are like a platform of stage where I stand on and achieve all my activities for the day. Sometimes people get obsessed to them and tend to call


or give a different name to it, mine I call them a different version of friends Cus they go out with me, dance, jog, climb, and every thing that you can ever imagine because they are always there underneath your foot. Designers make many kinds of styles in a shoe and shoes have many kinds of class; we have the high class, middle, low class and no class. When I talk about class I mean the height of the platform that a given shoe has like snickers are categorized low class, flats No class( it’s just flattered to the ground with no platform ), high heels high class, ankle boots middle class, wedges high class, creepers and many more shoes. There are dresses that match up the shoes categorized under our best accessories –
1. The flats goes with short gown or shorts but it can as well go with long Maxi gown ( sea gown ).
2. High heels goes with both short and long gown ( did I tell you that they are my best ).
3. Ankle boots goes with shorts or short gown but I’ll love it much more in short gown.
4. Snickers goes more on shorts don’t forget sandals goes with any outfit.


I love shoes especially high heels, ankle boots and snickers they are my best friends in fashion. Let’s not forget shoes goes with materials like leather, skins etc. But I really love skins in accessories like shoes, bags etc. Fashion highlights on dresses I love wearing that match up my fashion friends – shoes.


Step up on the platform and roll on the stages of life and always stay beautiful and healthy.
Love’ Ewonderhub .
Can’t wait on the next post Oscar’s fashion.