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Exquisite Transition

Somehow, we all just love to see through things. The globe just keeps getting Exquisite. Our body parts just keeps getting edgy In styles. Vintage keeps turning to coutoure and it has turned fashion as an artwork in All way round. Turning an everyday 90s nets to a 20th century see through designs called lace. Lace has taken a whole new level designs into haute couture, ready to wear And combos with chiffon, Indian George and Even Africas all unique Ankara. Lace is That fabric which virtually any fashionist will look absolutely gorgeous because it’s a webLike pattern made by machine or by hand. A few modern artist makes lace With a fine copper or silver wire instead of thread. The above pic depicts the different designs laces are made.

Nothing is un-fashioned And the beauty of a dress is the fabric that is used. Lace has gone global in working as a whole haute coutore Design and as combos with other fabric. Apparently brands That work on ‘Ready to wear’ Uses lace as an added advantage for different and unique designs to shirts, trousers, skirts, gown, Indian George, Ankara, jean etc.

Fashion glamour is taking in boys and Girls For a one-like fashion line. Lace are not only for the ladies to work on or slay on it. The guys can design Their own specific taste like trouser, shirts or shorts. Then the ladies can work on their elegance by designing it in their own perfection like jumpsuits, shorts, skirts, gowns, indies and whole lot more.

Lace represents culture, beauty, atmosphere, style and preference. Your body shape would definitely fall into place when you have a lace fabric on you.

Lace up your style

Lace up your life

Lace up your dream

And rule your world.

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Happy birthday to Favour c George

Love’ Ewonderhub


BOOTIZE your life

    Do you know that even the foots gets weary because of long term heels 👠…worn on the legs..but hey ☺ it’s life. We just need to always switch styles, put on a fancy 👗 look each day and get ready for the hoodlums🔥 coming our way. Fashion is not all about our clothing but instead it also comprises of our foot wears…👢 Let’s all not get carried away with the beauty of heels 👠 or flats but look more further to other foot wears. I can say that one’s stylish or one looks #sharp# when he/she wears a Boot 👢 /can 👟 … You know why? Coz it makes you to bounce, move swiftly and do many more things that you can’t be free to do with heels 👠 or flats.
        And you know what? It’s really mind blowing that it’s 👌 one of the only foot wears that it’s being shared by males & females which’s totally a unisexual design.


Different fashion designers have embarked on designing one of the growing designs of the market  which is either cover up ankle, heel boots 👢 or sole. With different types to pick from like Timbaland, Elle, loura fibiga, clarks etc. Anyway it only determines your way of styling it but always remember that fashion is you…


I can say that every guy with boots 👢 always seem to look cool 😎 and edgy. Together with the ladies makes them look sharp and cranky # love it # so wear your boots either with a –
Crop top or shorts
Short gown 👚 or T. Shirts for guys
Skirts  or leggings..
       But totally not with Long gown… It’s pointlessly off the track but it’s up 👆 to you..


Imagine why motorcyclists, athletes and some others loves 😍 wearing boots 👢 because it bootizes their lives to always bounce 🔙 to their feet and press 👐 forward ➡ always….
Wow soooo back from my bad networking vacation 🏡
   So Dearie’s…..
#stay beautiful and healthy #
😂 ✌love Ewonderhub 😍
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Oceanic Flows in Emotions


It’s said that emotions leads to feelings and feelings leads to thinking, then thinking would certainly lead you to a quiet moment but the thing is that everyone has their own place of settlement during the time of letting out their their feelings and problems. I’ve always loved the special times when I think about the wonderful moments I’ve had with my family and friends and so is that worst moments when i think of letting go all of my depression but the thing is that my thinking determines the place I would share them.
      Some always loves to share their thoughts in Paris, England, Africa ( beautiful cultures ) fascinating wonders of the world. But mine I love sharing them with the oceans, beaches, seas, etc.
     It’s nice to take a vacation to the seas, Ocean to let out your moments because it’s a great place to share memories… For the Koreans they call theirs jeju or maybe Jehu island. It’s fun and sometimes sorrowful but in any Best and worst memories when I do pack and carry along my dresses and remember that fashion is me ….so here’s a glip of the clothes I carry to that outskirt.
___high waisted shorts and top (to feel the breeze)
___Long flare chiffon gown ( to let loose your spirit through the blowing air )
___scarf and tops ( maybe to have fun ) with some other skirts and many more…..


The thing is that characters and people differs so as the taste in fashion differs…thats why we’re human…. ( like a song sang by Christina Perri… One of my favorite.) My taste of style might be different from yours.. But the one thing about oceanic Emotions it’s that it’s never a forgetting past  but instead those moments shared in the ocean always lies there in our hearts.. 💕.
     Here’s the various styles showcased and  worn by people spending their time with the oceans


I might not really know where you consider as the best sharing your emotions  or Who you consider with but the thing is that oceans feels and frees ones spirit… That’s why it’s called Ocean…. A place for moments.
    Gosh.. Wow it’s really been long… I really missed you guys.. Fuck dam that place I went to a vacation that exists without network… Which harmed my monthly celeb Post and weekly blogging… But am back from the tormention.. Wow I really missed the blogging family… I’ll try to make up dearies.
     Stay beautiful and healthy
Love Ewonderhub.

Change is fashion.


     To be a celebrity; is not just by name but it takes a lot to comprehend it. Experience does it all and with your sense of style that you can pull off a show.
The celebrities like Taylor Swift (my best ) Katy Perry, Sylvester Stallone, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate blanchett, etc these celebrities have gotten lot of awards through different events like grammys, oscars, golden globes etc. As we all know each year comes with a change because change is constant in we humans, this change can be in personality, attitude, body, fashion, style and these celebs try to make most of their changes perfectly. Every given year there’s always a need for award to give more life to them for their improvement and one thing is that fashion changes in seasons to years. The celebs on Red carpet wearing either haute couture, chiffon, ready to wear, etc do change the next time they are on the red carpet.
    With these, let’s examine the best and worst change in the year past and present.


Fashion change is needed for every celebs who needs a high level of being a fashion icon. But the thing is that some of them really change to bad fashion but having a stylist would increase your fashion perfectly.
     Now for the present year, the question is – was the change best or worst?


Okay through all oceans and seas  I think the change was fantastic.
There are many more celebrities that show cased their style on the red carpet and looked stunning!  With these, let’s wait to see more beautiful changes in the next events on the red carpet.
     In all choose a rear style and look fabulous. Stay beautiful and healthy;
Love ‘ Ewonderhub.

What’s your trend of style?


At any given period,  season,  year,  there’s always a trend of things. The atmosphere at that time can be funky, cute, beautiful, elegant or even simple. Just as at the early 80s /90s there was always a reigning style that countries would imbibe and if you’re not at the track of fashion then you’re off track. Lately pop culture took over the olden fashion which different kinds of style emerged with fine designs starting from Haute couture, ready to wear, chiffon, traditional  style with modern influence, lines of tailoring and many more. We humans try to fit into any of these styles to match up to our mates.


In every dimension, the main point is -What’s your style?
      Style” these mere words needs a lot of action when you put in your trends in fashion which creates you a sense of style. Your style showcases your attitude and personality ; you can be funky, cute or shy but the dress tells more about you than you can ever imagine then when you’re covered in blue or even pink with girly accessories – it tends you’re cute or maybe you’re covered in Avril Lavigne’s style of dressing then you seem funky/rocky.
the males – when we talk about the males, its either (suit, t/shirt, shorts etc ) then they match up their styles with accessories like wrist watch, eyeglasses, cap, shoes etc. These are different styles that  match up your personality.


Wanna tell  people about your traits, likes, personality, then dress it don’t hide it and just let the ‘you’ come to reality. 


Find your style and know your personality!
Welcome 2016 with a new style, wishing you guys a happy new year.