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Exquisite Transition

Somehow, we all just love to see through things. The globe just keeps getting Exquisite. Our body parts just keeps getting edgy In styles. Vintage keeps turning to coutoure and it has turned fashion as an artwork in All way round. Turning an everyday 90s nets to a 20th century see through designs called lace. Lace has taken a whole new level designs into haute couture, ready to wear And combos with chiffon, Indian George and Even Africas all unique Ankara. Lace is That fabric which virtually any fashionist will look absolutely gorgeous because it’s a webLike pattern made by machine or by hand. A few modern artist makes lace With a fine copper or silver wire instead of thread. The above pic depicts the different designs laces are made.

Nothing is un-fashioned And the beauty of a dress is the fabric that is used. Lace has gone global in working as a whole haute coutore Design and as combos with other fabric. Apparently brands That work on ‘Ready to wear’ Uses lace as an added advantage for different and unique designs to shirts, trousers, skirts, gown, Indian George, Ankara, jean etc.

Fashion glamour is taking in boys and Girls For a one-like fashion line. Lace are not only for the ladies to work on or slay on it. The guys can design Their own specific taste like trouser, shirts or shorts. Then the ladies can work on their elegance by designing it in their own perfection like jumpsuits, shorts, skirts, gowns, indies and whole lot more.

Lace represents culture, beauty, atmosphere, style and preference. Your body shape would definitely fall into place when you have a lace fabric on you.

Lace up your style

Lace up your life

Lace up your dream

And rule your world.

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Love’ Ewonderhub


Celebrities Awards fashion.


It’s interesting watching celebrities of different races pull out styles of their own, get nominated and win in outstanding films, actors, writers, producers, directors and other winning groups. The entertaining part is viewing the red carpet from the Oscar’s which was a glittering warm-up to the biggest awards night in films live in their monologue, competition, glamour, Styles and awards held as the 88th Oscar awards in which celebs are awarded for excellence in cinematic achievements from both races either the blacks or whites. I really enjoyed the 3rd red carpet show from the Golden globes to the Grammy then to the previous Oscar’s where more fashionable designs of outfit where displayed from the red carpet, stunning and breath taking as it was as some of the celebs which were all in white as if they ran out of their wedding to the Oscar’s ( lol ) from Olivia Wilde to Kate Washington then Rooney Mara and also lady Gaga, maybe some other celebs.


The stunning return of celebrities from the red carpet like J-lo with a bold makeup and sported a tough edge rimming of kohl together with her black lace dress, lady Gaga, lupita nyong – o, Cate blanchett in Armani prive, Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior again!!! And many more celebs.


Sometimes entertainment from celebrities brings satisfaction to viewers, Chris Rock really did a great job by throwing up some jokes and congrats to celebrities that won and also the nominated ones.
Be your own type of celebrity by being unique.
Enjoy the wonderful day and always stay beautiful and healthy.
Love’ Ewonderhub.