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Designers crop top

   Styling things gives you your own sense of fashion line. There are more than fashionable outfits that can be styled from different peoples perspective, both the way a person styles a black hat being different from the others styling. Many things can be styled but I’ll be based on Crop top. It’s said that apart from wearing a singlet because of a warm or hot weather, there’s something else to keep in… that’s crop top… Which keeps you looking stylish throughout the party or vacation. Celebrities have taken crop top to a new level where by they wear it on Red carpets designed by famous fashion designers like Alexander McQueen, Elle, Calvin Klein, etc and here’s a fresh look down on crop tops worn by celebrities on a red carpet event…


One craziest thing about crop top is how it’s being designed by different designers perspective carrying out different necklines like v-neck, striped lace-up, turtle neck, sleeveless, Mia v-neck and so many other necks and styles of these causal and glam outfits.


With the various necks and styles, styling can be easy with crop tops like wearing a C-T and trouser, pencil skirts, shorts, Maxi and many more outfits. Clip pic of different street styles of crop top.


It’s a crop but not a crumb, it’s a top but don’t disturb, so hit the drums with different stylish ways of crop tops and spark at the flash of lights.
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