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Recall to Monthly Thrones. 

     Like Its Said “ stars are born each day ”and with that every throne is owned by one star or the other depending on how you Matured and built yours. Though the throne is built by you but never be relentless cause A step back can make yours overthroned. It doesn’t only mean that you ought to sit on the wooden one to know you rule but yet you can rule on various aspects being the Princess _ Prince or Queen _ King . Some say they rule in Fashion, business, arts, musical, and many more. And here’s a full pictorial outview of details on those stars who rule in the Ent industry based on their collaboration of colours, designs and their Signature – Style. A recall to the Globes which took a spot on Ewonderhubs Monthly Celebs.


     Up pic are stars that ruled, exhibiting that they rule in their throne of fashion and their looks gives me the ( princess _prince ) style. 


       I not only noticed their styles but I gazzed more on thrones that supercides theirs ; whichs the chills that these stars gave me looking like ( king _ queens )

      I finally found what got my eyes off. Fashion that overthrones Fashion and that is; Stars who Got the thrones and overthroned. 

I bet you can see that yourself. The top of the throne is hard coz “those who wears the crown, must bear its weight”. It might seem easy but experience of the stars would tell you how they got there to be on the red carpet today. That’s all for Ewonderhubs Celebrity of the month ( January )

Live up your life ; make big dreams 

Innovation ;visualize…. And bear its weight. #Be fashion # be the star tomorrow and start today. 

But remember, Stay beautiful and healthy. 

Love, Ewonderhub. 

Still Wishing a Happy New Year, y’all. 


Impressive styles for stars


It’s well known that fashion has different and lots of style to pick from and then you can be the celebrity with the best dressed. Fashion brings changes which i discussed in my previous post change is fashion. The last event which was the Golden globes was quite a wonderful showcase in styles from different celebrities both from the movie and music industry like J-lo, Taylor, Wiz etc. Then the present event that happened recently is the Grammy Awards where I enjoyed and loved the improvement of the celebrities in their impressive style of fashion where Taylor Swift wore a pink high – waisted skirt and a crop top also don’t forget that it was quite a lucky day for her winning 3 Awards, congrats Taylor!!. Then lady Gaga wore a Marc Jacobs space inspired coat while Elle Goulding was electrifying on the red carpet.


The red carpet show was quite a wonderful one but somehow I did enjoy the Grammy more than the Golden globes in the outstanding styles, looks, attitude, gestures, and most especially Awards. As it is a well known thing that stars are always the ones that appear late. The fashion that the celebrities pulled out in the Golden globe improved a lot in the Grammy’s. As a fashion blogger I’ve checked and analyzed my best Top 2 dressed in the red carpet show from the Golden globes to the Grammy’s.


Celebrities always show they are stars by creating and dressing uniquely. Learn and do more than them, be a star of your own.
I’ll still feed you more happenings on the red carpet but remember stay beautiful and healthy.
Love Ewonderhub.

Change is fashion.


     To be a celebrity; is not just by name but it takes a lot to comprehend it. Experience does it all and with your sense of style that you can pull off a show.
The celebrities like Taylor Swift (my best ) Katy Perry, Sylvester Stallone, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate blanchett, etc these celebrities have gotten lot of awards through different events like grammys, oscars, golden globes etc. As we all know each year comes with a change because change is constant in we humans, this change can be in personality, attitude, body, fashion, style and these celebs try to make most of their changes perfectly. Every given year there’s always a need for award to give more life to them for their improvement and one thing is that fashion changes in seasons to years. The celebs on Red carpet wearing either haute couture, chiffon, ready to wear, etc do change the next time they are on the red carpet.
    With these, let’s examine the best and worst change in the year past and present.


Fashion change is needed for every celebs who needs a high level of being a fashion icon. But the thing is that some of them really change to bad fashion but having a stylist would increase your fashion perfectly.
     Now for the present year, the question is – was the change best or worst?


Okay through all oceans and seas  I think the change was fantastic.
There are many more celebrities that show cased their style on the red carpet and looked stunning!  With these, let’s wait to see more beautiful changes in the next events on the red carpet.
     In all choose a rear style and look fabulous. Stay beautiful and healthy;
Love ‘ Ewonderhub.