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Roper Culture

No trend fades, instead it tends to be a culture, that habits fashionist follow, live through, got stuck up in their wardrobes and mashes it with different Styles and designs to propel.

“the future still holds the past” and The fashion World of 21st century still holds the 80s, 90s and 20th twisting and re-designing Older trends to a newer muse. Far back, fashion ropes were just in-twined for holding a piece together and it was in-turn designed for shoes. There it brought about different styles of shoe laces. Lace ropes Became the pop culture, re-designed From mere ropes to be a Roper Culture. Where flat sandals, sneakers, boots, High heels, mules, Oxfords, platforms are lace-up styled.

A shoe is not only a design, but it’s part of your body language, The Way you walk and it’s Style. They say, “Shoes make an outfit, they’re like rims of a car”. With a new year still burning within you, modernize your outfits with some security power of Lace-up shoes.

A little ain’t good and to much ain’t good either. A Normal shoe is perfect but a Normal Perfect added design is Authority. It gives you Guts, feriority and Glamour.

Being that nothing is Untransitional, likewise fashion evolves and constantly changes over time. Then, fibres were turned to ordinary ropes later those ropes were used to shoe style and fancy them.


Fashion to some extent refers to much more than the Haute Coutoure, exclusive and expensive clothing. And Style is a reflection of your attitude, taste and personality.

Ultimately, fashion changes because many people like new and different styles. A common accusation is that fashion designers accelerate fashion change to create new business.

Now, trends has stolen the idea of shoe laces with the combination of rope lace outfits. And the Vogue is Roper Culture. A blazing culture of styles with combination of rope designs. Trend which one rocks lace-up Skirts, gowns, trousers, blouses, Ts, bum shorts and more. Rules are meant to be broken, to not follow those open trends is to Stitch-Cover The lace-up openings with another material by DIY ( Doing it yourself ) or preferentially buying a closed up Roper lace dress.

“Pretty clothes threaten my bank account”. And fashion is hard to keep up with but Fashion is like Food, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu. Switch your styles, impress the outsiders and outpress the Insiders. Your 2019 shouldn’t only come with a new year resolution but also with a Fashion Evolution.

Still on Happy New year Love in the Air

Enjoy the New Month with Glams and Glamour.

Love, Ewonderhub.


Trendy tomboys….


Being fond with people around you especially boys can intricate your behavior as well as your fashion line in the sense of being a tomboy exhibited by girls who dresses and behaves the way boys do, including wearing masculine clothing and engaging in boyish activities.
     The thing with tomboys is that they really showcase a strong sense of nature both in styling, fashion and otherwise ( love their styles)….. Due to this power they exhibit in fashion even some celebrities are trendy in tomboys outfit like Avril lavigne, Kristen Stewart, Hayley kiyoko, lin and Lindsay lohan. those celebrities are known for their unique nature as tomboys….


With the tomboy looks rocking planet earth, fashion designers have sensed a new line of tomboy trends and here’s a look down on 2016 tomboy fashion trends……


Great designs ¡¡¡ feel free jumping into another you And as a fashion blogger, i would like to say that I really enjoy the playful and boyish styles displayed by you guys but don’t go too further being a boy remember you’re still created as a girl… ( Lol )
Likewise, always stay beautiful and healthy..
Love’ ewonderhub.

Glow for Christmas (GFC)


Christmas is closer than we think because it’s already here. I can feel the spirit of Christmas everywhere; singing Christmas carols in unison, decorations and preparations, embarking on holiday to celebrate it and most especially entrance of a new month ”December” where all things seems to happen.
      Some say “these Christmas would be more enjoyable if it’s snowy” while others tend to enjoy without thinking that way round. 
       Many would go on outings with families and friends, do some activities like swimming, climbing, playing, going on concerts or even parties but in any way you celebrate this Christmas, make sure it becomes an unforgettable and loving one with completing this season with new brands of X-MASS dresses-


But remember every adventure has a dressing code so;
Stay fit
Stay healthy, beautiful and
Glow for Christmas in advance.