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Merry Red Love

Fashion has been engraved as a food we eat to survive In this generation. It is a much more potent sentiment of different feelings, state and attitude for the merriments and pleasure. Love serves as an air we breathe in. And colors Covey those unspoken Feelings.

A color of blood and fire associated with love is the flag for the season. It is a very emotionally intense color of love. Color permeates every aspect of our lives And fashion had a very long affair with red for aeons. Humans associate Red as heat, passion, desire, vigour, danger and truly, love. Colors are words but red are for Royalties. Red is that combo color that goes with funky colors like Orange, yellow, blue, green, fulvous or to opt for something bold, you match with white, black, grey or pink.

Be it fashion apparels or other fashion accessories, alluring shades of red run deep and charming people into the mix. It represents all things emphatic. The season is a fun-faire to rock jumpsuits, shorts, gown, Ts, skirts and all that is worm for love. Like a flame, red is the color of our hearts. The color itself is nothing new in the realms of fashion. Some trends are born on the runway, some born in the streets, while few are born with fashion. Red is that crazily color you need in your wardrobe.

They say pretty dress shakes me but bold colors scares my bank account. It’s still the Val week…..Time We confess to them….. Accept our heart direction…..Propose.

If you miss that person, it’s time to fight off the space.

If you love that person, it’s time to stop fighting back.

If that person loves you, it’s time to stop pushing them away.

If you can’t bear being in the friend zone, it’s time for you to date that person.

If you can’t live without that person, then it’s time to marry that one.

If you keep thinking about that one, it’s time to make a phone call.

If that person is in trouble, it’s time for you to save that one.

If That One Is In Doubt, It’s time to make that person feel home.

If that person is in pain, it’s time for you to be the pain killer.

If You want that that half To be your full, it’s time to get that your lost rib.

If you want that family, it’s time to walk through the aisle.

—And finally, if you want that forever and always dream, it’s time to give them a YES!

If you haven’t had a Merry Red love Val, Go have now. “Don’t waste enough time not being happy”.

Love, Ewonderhub.


Vals’ special fashion.


Some say “it’s the time for love” but love doesn’t have a specific time when to express or show it. It’s always shown at any given moment when there’s need for it.
      A time, day, moment is known for when a saint gave his life for his own pal as an act of love called saint valentine. With these, it was  propounded as valentines day on 14th febuary every year, where Christians would express love for their brethren , lovers express theirs, friends and families with everyone.
     I have gotten to notice that this day is mostly enjoyed by partners(lovers) where they revive their love for each other while families & friends would visit exciting places then I recommend you to try outfit for this lovely day in;
-Pink ( showing a girlish attitude on val)
-Blue (cuteness on val)
-Yellow ( showing a sensitive personality )
-Purple ( being the queen of the day )


Val is known for the day when the air is contaminated with love (lol) and that day is known for a specific color as the main color of the day which is red. Val is fun for all kinds and ages of people where we receive chocolate, flowers etc.


Enjoy this Val filled with love and cruise in many outfits as possible. Also enjoy it both in the love of Christ but remember always stay beautiful and healthy.
Love’ Ewonderhub
Wishing you guys a lovely valentines day.