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Exquisite Transition

Somehow, we all just love to see through things. The globe just keeps getting Exquisite. Our body parts just keeps getting edgy In styles. Vintage keeps turning to coutoure and it has turned fashion as an artwork in All way round. Turning an everyday 90s nets to a 20th century see through designs called lace. Lace has taken a whole new level designs into haute couture, ready to wear And combos with chiffon, Indian George and Even Africas all unique Ankara. Lace is That fabric which virtually any fashionist will look absolutely gorgeous because it’s a webLike pattern made by machine or by hand. A few modern artist makes lace With a fine copper or silver wire instead of thread. The above pic depicts the different designs laces are made.

Nothing is un-fashioned And the beauty of a dress is the fabric that is used. Lace has gone global in working as a whole haute coutore Design and as combos with other fabric. Apparently brands That work on ‘Ready to wear’ Uses lace as an added advantage for different and unique designs to shirts, trousers, skirts, gown, Indian George, Ankara, jean etc.

Fashion glamour is taking in boys and Girls For a one-like fashion line. Lace are not only for the ladies to work on or slay on it. The guys can design Their own specific taste like trouser, shirts or shorts. Then the ladies can work on their elegance by designing it in their own perfection like jumpsuits, shorts, skirts, gowns, indies and whole lot more.

Lace represents culture, beauty, atmosphere, style and preference. Your body shape would definitely fall into place when you have a lace fabric on you.

Lace up your style

Lace up your life

Lace up your dream

And rule your world.

Happy blogoversary to Ewonderhub

Happy birthday to Favour c George

Love’ Ewonderhub


Shoutouts To 2016

     Its so much like Time – Travel when you close your eyes and then thereafter when it’s being open, you see yourself at the end of the year wow. But thats not really how life seems to give us. We have to pass through stages which entails that time goes and flys by.
     So am summing things up with a THANKFUL HEART here on Ewonderhub. You know this year exposed me to so much things ; Got to know more on Fashion and music with soooo other things. Made lots of blogging friends. 

   And you know what, I can’t allow this year to go by without giving A Shoutouts to all the blogging family.


  • To all my followers ( who got to enjoy and pick interest to my blog )
  • Commentators ( who always share more beautiful ideas and views to every post )
  • Likers ( personally I love you guys)
  • And down to my most welcomed visitors ( who always take a sneak peek and comes back for more )

Then to everyone included in the blogging world shoutout to you guys! You’ve always been the best. 

         Secondly, I can’t allow the year to pass by without celebrating the 2-packed celebration of the year.       

    From my birthday – Favour c George 

     Am a girl that loves exploring the humanity Because life needs one to come out and see its beauty. Also Seeing life as a divine opportunised beauty that you can’t take for granted. Being a November Born gives me a rare kind of attitude. 

         You know, am always being told by Families and friends that “ Am a rare kind of gem ”. 

         So here’s 16 things about Me

  1. It’s not pride but it’s class ; when you talk about Talent (I got it)

– the designing stuff, music composing stuff, creative writing and many more. 

     2.  I have a deepest fear and that is – for those who loves me never to forget me. 

     3.  Am a jovial kind of person with the sweet mouth. 

     4. I can say that am missioned sent, being a divine project to be given a name “ FAVOUR ”.

     5. I can be mysterious and as well dramatic in changing lives. 

     6. Music always keeps me going. 

      7. I can be saucy and sarcastic and at that way get what I want. 

      8. I love exploring ie you can call me an Exploral freak. 

      9. I have a nature of making people love me. 

     10. I actually have a charming, cute and unique nature. 

     11. I can be Naggy; said by my Rulebreaker. 

     12. I have an irresistable nature of hurting people ( it’s fun and sometimes not fun 😄 ) 

     13. I can be stubborn to hardheaded people and soft to calm headed people. 

     14. I got a problem of Catching hearts ie when I get close to people they assumly fall for my nature.

     15. I dream big dreams! Which I always have this running in my brain – that I don’t want to ever be an ordinary person in the society. 

    16. I love being unique and different from others ie you can even see it according to my blog. 

       Let me drop this years birthday with    #Shoutouts#

    Firstly to my God and then to my sweetest family!!! 

    Then secondly to friends categorized under these three stones. 

    1. To Gems 

    – cossy Jennifer ( my very own big sis ), Victor ( my one and only leader )

         2.  To sapphires 

    – Harryhenson ( my rulebreaker ), Kingsley ( my dearest ), Alexander ( my caring Paddy )

          3. To Emeralds 

    – constance ( dearie forever ), Saggitarian Guy ( My handsome paddy ), Wannzy ( my paddy for life ) soooo let me cut things short.( Totally love you all ).



        Now down to EWONDERHUB 

    You can say its  Fashion Based; but it’s also inspirational on styles of life. Its a blog made for a difference, missioned into entering the world of beauty and seeing the brighter side of exploration. It’s also a November born junctioned at showcasing my talents to the world. Amazing that 1 year old blog has gone viral on social media platforms.

    One thing summed up about EWONDERHUB 

    • Categorized under my talents and it’s missioned on capturing minds and worlds most of beauty, with its dedication to enlightening people all over the world. 

    Ewonderhubs contact 

    Twitter _ @ewonderhubblog, Mail_ Ewonderhub@gmail.com, Facebook _Ewonderhub. 

            With all these, I can say 2016 gave me a reason to be celebrateful. So am wrapping things off with this last post, this year with smiles😘😚😍… Goodbye 2016 for all the fun and love you gave me, and most especially!!! 

    This year gave me 2 priceless things to always be celebrateful.

    Stay beautiful and healthy 

    Love, Ewonderhub 

    Hope y’all enjoyed your festive Christmas! And also Boxed all ya Haters. So travel on with me to 2017!!!! Wow and it’s just with a sleep.

    Happy New Years Eve!!!!! 


    Magical colors. ( ˘ ³˘)♥


    Back to basis does not always mean boring when black and white appears on the runway, it certainly details that you can be sure that designers made things interesting. It’s a very elegant design to mix the bold black and sparkly white together. Black and white when brought together invokes the spirit of Modern – meets classic and all the imaginery that the colours bring to the mind. They imply the newsprint tones of a smart girls conquest of a cross word puzzles in a magazine. These colors are most commonly associated with the end, secret, magic, force and elegance. One thing in fashion is playful designs of fashion designers with black and white, then the funness is the fact that celebs wears it on runway, red carpets, birthday parties and many more.


    It’s said that these colors were the first colours used by an artist in neolithic cave paintings. Which it just implicit sophistication and elegance to the contract of black against white dramatically stance but ultimately classy. The two colors can be separately used –
    ***black gown with white ribbon.
    ***white shorts and shirts with black hat.
    ***black all through with white shoes or the opposite of the sentence.
    ***white trousers with black top.
            And many more styles you can ever imagine with these two cool colours.


    ***fashionistas says “fashion fades but styles remains”.( I’m happy when am colorful )
    ***Looking for simplicity, try the both colors together and remember to stay beautiful and healthy.
    Love, ewonderhub.  (♡˙︶˙♡)

    Ewonderhubs Recognition Award


    Amazing that the blogosphere gives you a platform to express yourself and award you for every given hard work in improving lives. This award was created for connections between bloggers to help and know each others work. But before I begin to answering the rules, I would like to thank Trina of itsgoodtobecrazysometimes.wordpress.com , one lovely thing about her blog is how well she speaks to the world about herself and mental issues, being so free to share her thoughts and feelings..
      ………..then for the rules……….
    *** thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
    *** Attach the award to your post.
    *** write a brief story / history of your blog.
    *** A take down of advice to New bloggers.
    *** Nominate 10 other bloggers
    *** Comment on their blogs to notify them of the nomination.
          History or start of Ewonderhub
    In the heart of a talented person lies a motion of improving lives, that’s how it burns in my heart where i felt like sharing my creative side both in fashion designing and love in music composition. So I thought of several ways to share them until I got introduced by a friend who led me to the world of blogosphere which i landed safely with the name Ewonderhub with the intention of making it a hub and not only a blog but to create a platform for exploring into the world of creativity, the world at large and visiting the artistic beauty of the universe.
       A take down of advice to New bloggers .
      In life, there’s a saying that states “the start is always the hardest time of every being that’s creating or establishing something“ that’s how it is for every blogger with the feelings of a freshman in blogosphere but one thing I’ve gotten to notice as a novice is that there are times when you post and there’s no like, comments, links or followers, then you ask yourself these questions “what did I do wrong”? Or maybe “ did I post incorrectly“? And many more questions that follows your mind to the extent you’re like “I think this not my thing” All you need in overcoming this questions and enabling traffic in your blog is –
    ***Tagging*** this does a lot for a post because it links people to finding your blog post.
    ***liking bloggers posts*** that’s a serious way in creating connection, in the sense of liking and the blogger equally liking back.
    ***following bloggers*** yeah, maybe you might get only 2 followers and then following 20 bloggers, but sometimes it’s advising to follow because it’s said “rock Peter to pay Paul” while in turn they follow back.
    ***headline*** what you don’t know sometimes is that a post might be great but the headline is bla bla bla which gives people little or no attention to your post.
        Sometimes re-bloging great post from great blogs which gains you traffic, joining blog parties, commenting on readers and most especially having your own categorized unique idea which no other bloggers has created like mine is Inspashion and Musfash.
         All these gains you more traffic for bloggers to know who you really are and what your blog is all about. Great luck to up comers.
    *******for my nomination********
    *** shopaholicblogs
    *** lifewithlilred
    *** thestylecatblog
    *** thinkdigest
    *** newhealthieryoublog
    *** typicalteenager76
    *** heybeautybae
    *** mezieblog
    *** drjehoshares
    *** the fashion saint

         Guess here’s the end of the trip.
    Waiting for your responses to the award and would really love if it’s being accepted….

    Love, ewonderhub. 

    (100)Goal appreciations note


    Wow yay, it’s really a long ride as they say in the start there’s always a light at the end of every tunnel that’s the life of every blogger like Ewonderhub from 0 followers now to +100 WordPress followers……
        Am really glad and amazed to see the peak of the Top because just seeing it by his grace means I can reach to the highest level of it. And to all my lovely followers, sincerely thankful for you guys commenting, liking, sharing, re-blogging, linking, viewing and following my blog. Ewonderhub being created was like putting on a match stick and there goes out a fire, which i mean as a sudden scenario that occurred and landed me into the world of blogosphere where you can come in contact with friends, latest update/post, sharing ideas with the family of WordPress and in return, luckily getting some awards….. Most bloggers create a niche as a sense of direction in posting ideas for  their blog and as a continuity of success for ewonderhub, I would  start or improve..-
    1. Due to time, I would try to always do a week day post based on musical fashion that centers on the combination of music and fashion in my own words named Musfash(musical fashion) An example of Musfash is Easter’s special fashion where I wrote inspired music due to the beautiful fashion..
    2. Improve the continuity of my weekends post on neutral fashion or inspirational fashion, in my own words named Inspashion. Example of a post is The queen is you or multi color and personality.
    3. Lastly my third goal is a monthly post on stylish celebs of the month from the woods(holly,bolly,nolly) both acting and musical. If it’s a 4 or 5 wks month Korean or Philippines celebs can be included which in my own words for the Korean popstars becomes Koreanwood and then Philippines popstars becomes Philiwood…
          Wow really interesting ideas that brings an end to my goal appreciations note. I would love if you guys live a statement in the comment box regarding if it’s cool or not? And maybe contribute a topic or idea for either one of the 3 goals.


    Winning a goal is when we are at our very best making people the best version of themselves…
    Thanks for driving a long mile with me…
    Love’  ewonderhub

    Ewonderhubs sunshine award


    It’s really bad to be ignorant but sometimes ignorance begets confidence. It was overwhelming when I saw my blog name written as one of the nominees of sunshine blogger award by Best addiction. But really at that time being a novice, in the blogosphere, I did not really know what was to be done but now to cover up the lost time spent without gratefully accepting the award am to say “ thank you really for nominating me for the sunshine bloggers award and I really love your blog ”.Guys I bet you to visit her blog bestaddiction.com and you’ll get to learn a lot based on her ideas on travel, fashion and lifestyle.
              To follow the tactics played on this award, then there are few steps to take……
    1. Thank and link the person who nominated you.
    2. Answer the 11 hilarious or beautiful questions asked by the person.
    3. Nominate 11 bloggers
    4. Then ask them another 11 questions ( comment on their boxes to notify them of the nomination )
       The second step taken  to answer the 11 hilarious questions:
    1. What is your favorite season of the year? Winter, I sincerely love winter during the time when you play with snow ( make snowman ) and then do some snow skating, winter edition in fashion line is more fun…..
    2. What’s your preference in style: single layer or multi layer?
    I prefer the both in certain types of style; the multi layer during winter would keep you warm while during the summer sometimes, it’s nice to the preference of the single layer.
    3. What’s the most beautiful place you have been to? The real thing is that I can’t really figure it out because even exploring the world is the most beautiful thing and place you can ever do or be ;like a trip to Paris witnessing the thousands love key chains and viewing the Eiffel Tower then down to Africa and Asia with the beautiful cultures and mysterious places…..
    4. Are you a nature or city person?
    Ohhh gosh, am really obsessed with nature down to space, discoveries, seas, really!!!! Did I ever tell you guys that one of my dreams is to go to the planet (space) really is nice to dream big cause you never know that they do come true….
    4. Why did you start blogging?
    It might sound funny but I didn’t really know about blogging I was just introduced by a friend then I got used to the blogosphere  and decided to use it as a platform to share my creative skills in fashion and music also to reach to the beautiful minds of creativity (you can check out his blog thinkdigest.Wordpress.com )
    6. What’s your favorite book?
    They’re all fairytale stories( don’t think am childish really matured lol ) and also ideological books i.e  purpose driven life by Warren.
    And then the Bible.
    7. Do you have any pets?
    Not any more after I gave my white puppy to my little cousin as a gift.
    8. If you could be born anytime, which century would you live in?
    I’ve certainly been asked this question before and my same response to it is to still be reborn the same time I was born before ( the modern century )
    9. Who did you want to be when you were little? Hmm interesting, with my childish mind then I was always wishing to be those princesses like Cinderella, rapunzel, snow white Lol!!! But now am more than a princess with a crown..
    10. What’s your favorite color?
    Faves are yellow and most especially royal blue and pink ( guess that’s every girls color )
    11. If you had a million dollars to donate, which cause/charity would you pick? I would pick several charities worldwide but most esp is to open up my own foundational charity where I would extend my hands to the homeless, paupers and other wise. To put smiles on their faces that’s my goal and driven life…..
    Okay I guess my interview is over, now for my nominees are :
    2. ritu Parna
    3. lifewithlilred
    4. the millionaires digest
    5. the fashion saint
    6. be like water production
    7. the style cat blog
    8. charokarr
    9. glam and sassy
    10. babs gabriel
    Particularly in no order  and again congrats…
    Now you’ve been nominated, here’s cranky 11 questions for the sunshine bloggers award….from me.
    1. If you could do something for the entire universe, what would it be? And why?
    2. What’s your weakness in this blogosphere?
    3. What is your favorite post here on ewonderhub ?then share a link to it.
    4. How do you want to present your self to the world?
    5. What are your dreams before you kick the bucket ( that’s a normal scenario in life )
    6. How did you know about WordPress blogging? And why started it?
    7. What’s the most scary thing about yourself?
    8. So far what fault have you seen on ewonderhub ?then what are your expectations..
    9. If you were to correct something in your life, what would it be?
    10. What’s your favorite moment you experience in your childhood?
    11. Tell me your deepest secret.( don’t hide / tell a lie, watching you closly. lol )
    Would be expecting a reply from the nominees and an acknowledgement for the award, to see what your answers to the amazing questions would be……
    Love’ ewonderhub